We provide support to clients and their related challenged peptide synthesis in the form of custom peptide manufacturing services on a contract basis or Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) for various amino acids and peptides using both liquid-phase peptide synthesis and Solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPs). We specialize in handling various difficult and complex peptides, cyclic peptides, dipeptides to decapeptide using solid-phase peptide synthesis without any difficulty ranging from milligrams to kilograms and committed to providing high-quality custom peptide synthesis services at competitive prices with extensive services. We characterize the synthesized long peptides by HPLC, LC-MS data with complete documentation.

Solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPs) has the various advantages:
• Synthesize various natural peptides.
• Addition of unnatural amino acids to existing peptide series.
• Modify the existing peptide/protein skeleton.
• Cyclic peptides, dipeptides to decapeptide

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