Custom Synthesis / CRO / CRAMS

LNC PHARMARIX is a global, innovative contract Custom Synthesis and Manufacturing (CSM) company not only offers Custom research but also custom manufacturing services to innovative pharmaceutical, chemical, medchem companies. We can define new synthetic route and develop economical process for new/existing molecules to produce in higher quantity and quality through constant innovation & excellence. We provide support to clients and their related challenged synthesis in the form of comprehensive research services on a contract basis or Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) for cost-effective chemistry to meet their precise specifications, required quantities, specific timelines, and developed process technology transfer. We specialize in handling hazardous chemicals in a safe manner, moisture sensitive chemicals under inert atmosphere for custom synthesis and contract research to provide various chemical synthetic services ranging from milligrams to kilograms to tons.

Our aim is to deliver cost effective good quality products which are widely used in chemical, medicinal, pharmaceutical, and specialty chemical industries. Due to the competitive nature of custom synthesis, we committed to deliver the products within the shortest possible timeframe is of utmost importance with high speed and technical ability.

Contract Research Organization (CRO)

Synthetic Organic Chemistry


Chiral compounds / Asymmetric synthesis

Complex molecules

Chiral Resolution

Organometallic chemistry

Hetero Cyclic Compounds

Cross Coupling Reactions

OrganoBorane/ Silicon compounds

Oxidations / Reductions

New Chemical Entities (NCEs)

IMPURITIES: Synthetic (or) Preparative,
All Types Impurities, Process Related   / Degradation / Genotoxic
(N-Nitroso &N-Oxides)

Fine / Speciality Chemicals

New drug delivery and technology transfer

Amino Acids / Peptides

Column Separation

Multi step synthesis

Organosilicon Compounds

Organoboron Compounds

High Vacuum Distillations (from mg -  kg)

Isolation and purification of reference standards

Customized Products and Services for CRAMS Technologies:

• Handle projects ranging from small-scale to large-scale (milligrams to kilograms to tons).
• Common Starting materials, intermediates, Specialty chemicals and final products Synthesis.
• API Raw materials (RM’s)/Key Starting Materials(KSM’s)/Intermediates Synthesis.
• Process Optimization, Method Development,Scale Up, and Validation with Complete Documentation.
• Isolation and purification of reference standards of main synthetic compounds, natural compounds, and Impurities.
All these features make LNC PHARMARIX as a most trusted partner of first choice for different types of FTE-projects.

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