API RMs, KSMs, Intermediates

We develop the process for pharmaceutical intermediates & Key Starting Materials (KSM’s)/advanced intermediates of API’s and their basic Raw Materials (RM'S), regulatory starting materials, building blocks with affordable price by innovation and excellence to support our customers with complete documentation required for process development report (PDR) and their DMF filing with the support of our dedicated API experienced scientists/staff.
• Patent Search & Literature Back-up.
• Multi stage synthesis of API intermediates.
• All stages of Intermediates Reference standards development.
• All possible impurities synthesis (from mg to gram level), purge study, reprocessing.
• API Raw materials/Key Starting Materials/Intermediates Synthesis.
• Feasibility, Route Selection, Process Optimization, Method Development, Scale Up, and Validation with Complete Documentation.
• Isolation and purification of reference standards of main synthetic compounds, natural compounds, and impurities.
• Synthesis of Building-Blocks / scaffolds.
• Make, distribute, & sell the high-quality chemical products with a commitment.
• Complete impurity profiling in all the developed products supported by NMR, HPLC and GC analysis.
• Development of analytical methods and specifications from raw materials to Intermediate products.

These activities are thrust the company’s commitment towards innovation and excellence in developing and manufacturing of all kinds of Chemical, Medchem, and Pharmaceutical products. We are happy to discuss and implement the individual client wishes concerning projects progress and updates, documentation or analysis.

Please drop us a message for any queries/ questions, suggestions you may have.