LNC Pharmarix built the state-of-the-art lab facilities; installed the most advanced manufacturing facilities and put together a team of dedicated, highly experienced scientists and R&D experts, who work passionately and drives the Company's strategy, policies and monitors progress towards meeting our products, processes and solutions to meet the highest global standards. We will be able to reach LNC Pharmarix goals step by step; because… whatever we do… we do it with transparency, professionalism, accountability and passion.

R & D cum Pilot Plant Facilities

LNC PHARMARIX has well-equipped R&D lab and pilot plant with state-of-the-art lab facilities; installed the most advanced manufacturing facilities for custom synthesis, CRO projects,all types of impurities, CRAMs and specialty chemicals, New Drug discovery and development from milligram to kilogram level and few more high-end facilities are expected to be added to the list in the near future.
• Eight fume hoods with exhaust blowers
• Mechanical & Magnetic stirrers
• Autoclave / Hydrogenators 500 mL & 1 L with cooling and heating systems
• Heating mantles (1 L to 5 L)
• Rotary evaporator, Chiller, Vacuum pump, pH meter
• Analytical balance 0.1 mg to 10 kg
• Vacuum Oven & High Vacuum distillations
• Glass reactors (50 and 100 L) with temperature ranging from - 78°C to 250°C

Manufacturing Site Capabilities

We have manufacturing facilities to provide CMO / CDMO services for pharmaceutical intermediates & advanced intermediates of API’s and their basic raw materials (RM’s and KSM’s)on commercial scale (kilogram scale to ton level) with affordable price by maintaining ICH quality through innovation and excellence to support our customers with complete documentation required for Process Development Report (PDR) and their DMF filing with support of our dedicated API experienced scientists / staff.

Equipment Details:

Stainless Steel Reactor (SSR): 6 no [1 KL, 2.5KL, 3KL, 4KL, and 5 KL]
Glass Lined Reactors (GLR): 2 KL and 3 KL
Total Reaction Capacity: 25.5 KL
Centrifuge: 4 no (36” and 48”)
Nutch Filter: 500 Lts
Leaf filter: 100 Lts
Stainless Steel Dryer: 48 and 96 Trays
SS RCVD with Halar Coating: 500 Ltrs
Stainless SteelMulti Miller: 250 Kg/Hour

LNC PHARMARIX has Memorandum of understanding (MoU) for Plant [1 KL=1000 L) to 5 KL=5000 L)], Glass reactors and Stainless-steel reactors, total of ~25KL) and analytical support through external support to maintain confidentiality and protection.

With these manufacturing facilities we are able to deliver the products within the timelines and to maintain the company’s commitment towards innovation excellence in developing and manufacturing of all kinds of Chemical, Medchem, Pharmaceutical, Specialty chemical, Pheromones, Agrochemicals, Pesticides, and Cosmetic products.